About LMB Design Studio

A Creative Outlet Turned Into Something More

LMB Design Studio was born in April or 2020 as a creative outlet from my day job and since then it has grown into so much more.

Growing up I was always working on art projects or crafts in my free time. My mother is an artist and taught art while I was in grade school so I was always surrounded by art and encouraged to explore my creative side.
Over the years I have tried making and selling different things, but none of them stuck until I started working with floral preservation. I love getting to combine my love for flowers with thrifting & creating art, it is a perfect match.

In my wedding planning days I have always loved flowers and arranging them. I even worked as a freelance florist for a while, arranging fresh flowers is wonderful, but they only last so long. Preserving flowers allows me to create arrangements that last for years to come. I hand pick frames from local thrift stores and then carefully arrange the dried pressed flowers to create unique home décor pieces. 

This business has awakened my creative voice that was previously being crippled by my day job, it has brought me new levels of joy, it has pushed me to be better, it has taught me to take better care of myself, it has given me a passion that I had been searching for, and it has made me feel more like myself than ever before.
Now I dream of new ideas all the time, I am constantly finding flowers to press on walks, at the dog park, at a floral shop, anywhere I can. I am so much happier and more fulfilled than I thought possible.

Since I started this business I have learned a lot about the floral preservation, I’ve improved my techniques, and have gained respect for the process. I’ve worked to discover my creative voice, but mostly I have grown as a person. I’ve never felt more confident or like my true self than I do while I’m working on this art. I am eternally grateful for this space because it has unlocked a side of me I didn’t know I needed.

I am beyond thankful for what this business has taught me and excited for it to grow, this is only the beginning.

xoxo Leanna



That you for supporting my small business. By supporting me you help my family and our dreams come true.

So grateful for you!