Floral Preservation

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Preserving your wedding bouquet is one of my favorite ways to remember your special day and create lasting art out of the flowers that usually only get used the one time.

I press your bouquet, make an arrangement that resembles the vibe and layout of your bouquet and find a vintage frame that brings it all together.

I love getting to work with brides to create a special memory of your day and am open to any ideas you have.

Please read all the information below before filling out the interest form.

Lets make something special together!

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I offer a variety of packages to choose from. Whether you are looking to just have your bouquet pressed or want additional florals pressed as well there is a package for everyone.

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Thank you for considering bouquet preservation with LMBDS. It is an honor to work with you on such a special memory of your wedding your day.

Congratulations & I can't wait to make something special with you!

Questions & Important Notes

Floral Preservation FAQs.

How long does it take?

It depends on what florals you have in your bouquet, but most take 4-8 weeks to press/ dry and then 2-3 weeks to arrange + frame. Because of this, we ask that you give us 12 weeks to complete your arrangement. However, we always try to get them done as soon as possible and will keep you updated.

What flowers can we include?

The more flowers you provide the better! Of course, we need your bouquet, but any other flowers you want to include would be amazing. The more the merrier! Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to include more flowers so we can be prepared.

Do flowers change color when they press?

Most change a little and some change a lot. I think that is some of the beauty of dried flowers. For example, pink sweet peas change to a dark purple when they press and red/ orange poppies change to a deep burgundy. White flowers can come out a little brown when they press, but over all most flowers stay close to their same color. I do my best to make sure they press well and the vibe of your bouquet is the same.

The better condition of the flowers the better they will press!

What if I am not local? Can we ship the flowers?

Yes! I would love to do your bouquet, they can be shipped to me to press. There are a few shipping stipulations, but we can chat about them and see what would be best for you!

What if the bouquet is damaged in shipping?

 I am not responsible for what happens to your bouquet in transit to me. If your bouquet is damaged or is too far gone by the time I receive them I will not be able to press them. If this happens we can pivot and chat about a few other options. I try to make sure we make a good shipping plan so we avoid these types of problems.

Tips & Important Notes

  • The fresher the flowers are the better they will press. We understand wedding days are busy & your bouquet is used for many things, but whenever it is not in use please try to keep it in water and out of direct sunlight to preserve your flowers. *This is especially important if you have a sensitive variety of flowers such as dahlias. It is extremely difficult to press flowers that are already dried out or wilted. 
  • It is best to keep the flowers in water in a fridge after the wedding until pick-up.
  • I will discuss your bouquet with you before booking to make sure there aren’t any additional things to do for your particular bouquet.
Dried Flowers
  • Flowers do change as they dry. Sometimes they lose color or change color once dried. This is normal and expected. I do everything I can to keep them as close to your original color as possible, but please be aware that a dried bouquet does look different than your live one. This is the beauty of pressing flowers, but I do my best to keep the vibe of your bouquet the same.

Thank you for trusting me to preserve your bouquet like this.

Bouquet Pick Up

I prefer to pick up your bouquet the day after your wedding so I can get it in the press ASAP. We will coordinate a pick-up time/ location the week before your wedding.

  • If you are mailing your bouquet from out of the area, please overnight it with FedEx or UPS the day after your wedding. 
  • Please make sure your bouquet is well protected in the box with appropriate packing materials and is labeled fragile on the outside. 
  • Please wrap the stems of your flowers in damp paper towels to help them stay fresh as they travel.